Thursday, 26 February 2015

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel

I used to be a scrubber, one of those ones that would get the grittiest thing and rub until it was bright red. I then wonder why my skin was sensitive to everything put on it, I was on the philosophy that if I could feel it working it was doing it's job. I wish I could go back in time and slap that person.

When I was pregnant I had to rethink my whole skin care due to the hormones going on a rampage. I had fallen in love with Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel after getting a sample of it in a pack. I was looked glowing and freshly exfoliated, people complimented on my glow and smooth skin. I was sold apart from the £30 price tag. Being on maternity leave it was too much for me.

I was peel less for months, using a scrub but felt that it wasn't the same now I had been spoilt by peels. I had some money and wanted to splash out on some skin care, pursuing Superdrug I came across the Naturally Radiant range, radiance is exactly what I needed and in spade loads.

The peel was on offer and I took the plunge because the price was right, I wouldn't spent a fortune if it didn't work out (at the time it was half price, normally £5.99. Currently on Buy one get one half price). It uses Kiwi Fruit and Mulberry Extracts to even skin tone and revive, with Glycolic Acid, a powerful Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) and a Fruit Acid blend to refine and re texture.

You apply over the face, avoiding the eyes, and leave overnight. It's a clear gel so there is no way I was going to be scaring Hubby at bedtime or Beth during night feeds. In the morning you wash off and apply a SPF moisturiser (as it can make the skin sensitive to UV rays). It fitted in with my routine perfectly.

I am smitten, it leaves my skin soft and smooth, I am very surprised with the results and could even give Elemis a run for it's money. It doesn't make me look younger, but it does make me look like I've had a few nights sleep when I've actually been up until 3am trying to get Beth to sleep. That's a win in my book.

Available at Superdrug stores and online.

Monday, 23 February 2015

A Weighty Issue #4

When we last left this I was having in treatment and decided that trying to tackle both issues was simply not the best idea. I was discharged at the end of October and spent the rest of the time put the theory into practice.

Christmas came and I felt ready to get fitter and to start again. I logged back into My Fitness Pal (User name: Unevenlemming) as well as link up with the Fitbit app. I wanted to spend January tracking my everyday life, food and excerise, to see if there was any pattern or trigger that could be addressed.

I found this great motivation, I started to make changes before I planned. January was my daughter's 1st birthday and I knew there would be celebrations throughout so planned to start in February rather than fight temptation in Jan. I needed of worried, I was already making sutble changes, I decreased my potions, started to eat more balanced (as well as making sure I eat), walked more and if I wasn't leaving the house that day using the stationary bike.

I lost 4lbs in January with slight changes (3lbs in two weeks!), and I'm trying to put in some activity 5 times a week.

Now it's February, I've set up a great base to evolve from but now it's time to step it up a bit. I got myself a fitness tracker, brought off of eBay for £28, it's UP by Jawbone. It tracks my activity as well as my sleeping patterns as this can play a part in what you crave to eat. As I've only just got it, it's still early days with my new friend.

I am very geared up for the challnage of getting fitter, because that's my aim is to get fit. Beth is now more mobile and I want to be able to keep up with her. If I lose some weight too, brilliant, an nice extra bonus.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Bethany Update - Month 13

I can now say Beth has finally got a her baby rolls of fat developing, you know the ones that require raspberries blown on them followed by giggles. It seems since she has hit 1 her appetite has blossomed. This does mean that this extra nuitirtion has meant that she is now taller than ever and reaches up to my mid thigh now, but still as petit as ever.

I really do think that she will walk within the next few weeks, has confidence cruising around furniture and hanging off it standing has leant to a few false alarms. When she stands on the sofa she actually can stand up right before throwing herself around on it (this is why she is never left alone when she is up there!).

We've had colds the past few weeks, to the point she was rushed to doctors with a suspected urine infection (which after collecting a sample was proved wrong, more on that later!). We also have teeth number 5 and 6 emerging at the same time, things have been at a standstill the past few weeks to comfort her and catch up on sleep missed.

Beth is just such a happy girl, her giggles are completely infectionous. We go to NCT Bumps, Babies and Toddlers on a Monday so she can tear around with other children, I'm hoping I can see some friendships developing. I do worry about her development, I have to keep reminding myself that she will do it in her own time just be there when she needs "Muma".

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bethany Update and Bethany's 1st Birthday

A whole year has now gone by, and yes it's flown, no I cannot believe she's now classed as a toddler. We now happily cruise around furniture and the new favourite past time is to throw things off the whatever she is hanging onto. She gaining confidence each day, she would rather be on her feet than sitting down now.

Bethany now babbles and points to items she wants, her communication is increasing to the point I'm starting to understand what she is after which means we have a lot less tears of frustraction but more when I take something off of her. Everything si develpoing as it should with no intervention from Health visitors etc.

Her 1st birthday turned into a week of celebrations, she got her first lot of presents from grandparents and great granparents on the Friday before as they couldn't be there on the day (we surprised both sets with video calls on the day). She had a huge package covered in a sheet that she tried to pull off to find a rocking horse undernethe, she wasn't keen that night bue was on it the following night. She now crawls over the strokes it.

Wednesday was her actually birthday which was spent round my parents, a few presents but she was full of beans and couldn't keep still all day until naptime. I had won a competition to win a family dinner out and we all went out for dinner that night with my brother/sister in law and had lots of fun with the kids board game they supply while you wait for food. It did get very competeive!

On Saturday we had her birthday party with other members of the family, Beth being a little fairy and loving all the balloons. We saved all the presents from us until then, so she had presents to open with people so they can feel part of it. It was a small party, this worked well as she had injections the day before and her 4th tooth was cutting (which we didn't kow at the time, hence not being able to blog because of her being unwell with both).

You can see the full photo album of the pictures here as well as my bad birthday singing.

Being 1 hasn't phased Bethany, she still the happy, giggling little girl she was before. Age is just a number.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Minilemming

Dear Bethany

Happy Birthday, at this exact moment you were being born before being handed over to your Dad while Mum was being looked after post birth. You were so small and your cry so wee in sound. I was so afraid to hold you in case I dropped you, but I was still in shock that you were finally here.

I still stayed in that shock for another 24 hours until I finally passed out asleep cuddling you. The midwife came in and settled you down, according to the other Mums on the ward we slept exactly the same with our arms over our heads, it like you were copying me.

You were and are adored, I still stare at you and just wonder how lucky did I get to be blessed with such a beautiful little girl. You stole my heart at you first cry, I cannot love you more if I tried. There have been ups and downs but wtihout you and Daddy I really wouldn't be able of coped. Your smile lit up my darkness, your giggle filled me with joy.

You have grown into a little inquisitive mischief and being able to share how you are growing is something I thank Daddy for everyday because without him it wouldn't of been possible. I really wish I could express how dearly we both love you, how you fascinate us and how special you really are.

Happy 1st Birthday, my little lady

I could of easily flooded this wtih pictures of her :)

Friday, 16 January 2015

She is my Daughter, isn't she?

I had my newly born little girl in my arms, admiring her little snuffles and wondering what she was thinking. People arrive to visit and the first thing they say is, "She looks a lot like Hubby, doesn't she?" As Bethany grew it got remarked more and more, with her light coloured hair and deep blues eyes compared to my darkest brown hair and hazel eyes.

At first I wrote it off, I read that in the first few months they do look more like their fathers so it lowers the risk of rejection from them. I used to stare at her to try and pick my features out, she has my shaped eyes, nose, but them I became obsessed.

Behind closed doors it was one of the aspects that drove me down, she must be my daughter? I gave birth to her after carrying her inside me for over 9 months, so she surely must be my daughter? The remarks went on, the tears carried on. I was having to reassure myself as I thought it was sill to think like this.

It wasn't until I needed to pick some photos out for a baby shower of Beth and I as babies that it hit me, she IS MY daughter as she looks identical to me when I was her age, right down to the exact expressions.

She IS MY daughter as she wrinkles her nose when she smiles, she likes to be around people and watch them like me, she loves music and dancing, and she is just as shy with new people as me. It may not be obvious at a glance that she is mine, but believe me - She damn well is!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

My 1st Years - Velour Snuggle Towel

I've had this in my photo album since Bethany got given it by Blogger Aunt, Bex from Futures. My 1st Years specialises in personalised presents for babies and children, I had already tripped over them when I was pregnant but didn't think about it afterwards as I was little busy with a newborn.

I got an mail from Bex one day asking for spellings etc and I was wondering what she was up to. She said that she was getting a present sorted for Bethany and to keep an eye out for a parcel. A few days later we got a parcel in a beautiful box from My 1st Years, inside wrapped in tissue was the most beautiful velour cuddle bunny ear towel.

For those who know me reasonably well, I have a slight obsession with rabbits. I do think this has transferred to Beth as he bedtime toy is a bunny, so this was perfect. You can imagine my excitement when I opened it and screamed, "It's has rabbit ears!"

It is a thick towel, the velour is on the outside while there is a more absorbent layer underneath. I got given this May last year and we still use it today as it is very generous in sizing. It's washes very well and shows not sigh of any wear or washing.

I have already purchased from them again which I'll do for a separate post as they are Bethany's birthday present. This exact towel is no longer available, but they do a blue/pink one that is almost the same, this is for the pink towel. I now want the velour bathrobe for her, well it is her 1st birthday next week....