Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bethany Update - Month 8

I know I say this every month, but the time has really flown by and she looks less and less like a baby and more like a small child. Photos like this really do make me melt and I cannot believe she's my child. You wouldn' think this time last week she had her first cold and couldn't settle her. I ended up sleeping a few nights on the sofa with her on my chest again so I can keep her upright and ensure that could breath through the cold. This did mean that I also got it too, but it was small price to pay.

At the last weigh in she was at 13lbs 3ozs and starting to up a centile to the 2nd, which made me overjoyed. She now has a healthy appetite and likes 2-3 meals a day (with dessert and a snack). She also still loves her bottles, which are decreasing, however she still wakes the odd night for a bottle. Her favourites are Pork and Apple pouches, apple with vanilla fruit pots, and Granddad's ham sandwiches he feeds her on a Wednesday.

We now move commando style across the floor, rolling, wiggling and swinging herself round on her stomach. It's like watching a spy sneaking across our floor, which is funny until she finds a cable! She likes to kick things and have already broken a bit of Hubby's computer by kicking the back of it. Bethany can sit up for a short amount of time and with something to support her, the biggest thing she started doing today was to start babbling actually recognisable sounds like ba and wah. I really think we are not long from having crawling too so hopefully that will be something to report on for next month.

I know I am bias, to me she just beautiful and to see her starting to understand things to another thing to get excited about. She's starting to try and test her boundaries with us, we are surprised it is so soon but she is a little mischief so we shouldn't be that much. We say no, she stops and looks, sometimes she stops and sometimes she carries on.

Her favourite toys at the moment is leaflets and bits of paper, it's a great use for any junk mail laying around. She loves seeing what she can do with it, as well as trying to eat it! My old neighbour was clearing out his daughters bits so we got lots of books and DVDs so we have lots of cuddle time together. My mum also gave me my old books I used to have read to me or I read from when I was a child. I love the fact that I can share my favourites with my little girl and she gets really excited when I bring a book out so I'm glad my love of books is starting to rub off.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

GIVEAWAY! WAH Nail Art Book, Nail Art Pens and a Bit of Glitter

"Give it away give it away give it away give it away now
Give it away give it away give it away give it away now
Give it away give it away give it away give it away now"
Give it away by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

 It's been a long time coming, but here it is something to get those creative nail juices flowing!

The Rio Nail Art Art Set has all the basic colours to recreate nail art designs. The dual ended nibs means you can have a dotting nib or use the brush function. I have another set of these myself and have found them really easy to use, unfortantly my artist flair has been lost recently but I find they are brilliant for doing neat smile lines for french style manicures. There is some small pots of glitter to add some shimmer your designs.

WAH Nail Book is what you expect from the top of the Nail art tree, trendy and cool designs that can be easily recreated by their step by step instructions. You also get a history on how they've got to this point and are introduced to some of the staff.

The whole set is worth £35 and is open to anyone in the UK from today until 0.00am on 13th October. The giveaway is supplied by myself with my own money and will be sent out as soon as the winner has given me their details (as soon as possible would be appreciated). All run through Rafflecopter, all details collected are only for the giveaway so I can contact the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

NOTD - Vamp by Leighton Denny

Now months ago when I ordered my BBBBeautyBox Number 3 my eagle eyes spotted this mini polish in the luxury sample zone of LatestinBeauty. I have seen this brand at numerous trade shows and have their colour charts but had never came round to owning one. This is also after watching many hours of him painting nails on QVC, I have even resisted temptation.

The polish is what you expect from a pro, easy to paint on, leaving an even and level finish. The brush holds enough of the lacquer so it paints on well without overloading. It took two thin coats to get the correct coating here and dries in a reasonable time. I would be confident to pick Beth up if she was crying after a few minutes of painting.

RRP £11.00 for 12ml of varnish. I have my eye on Hollywood collection's emerald green, Click Click Flash Flash.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips at Poundworld

I never fell for the hype first time round, to me it just looked like a over hyped chapstick (and chaptick is cheaper). Twitter, my instant fountain of knowledge, has rumours flying round that the Poundland/Worlds have been reciving these as stock, already being in town I decided to hit both stores and see if they were true. As you can see from above, yes it is.

What I can tell from the packaging is that these are from Asia or thereabouts (I'm sorry I am only guessing). They are still sealed up and promise exactly the same as the 'normal' Baby Lips. I got two flavours, a peach and watermelon, they remind me of Jolly Raucher boiled american sweets that were avaiable about 15 odd years ago (Watermelon was my favourite).

There is nothing Wow about them and nothing different from any other lipbalm. If I had paid full price for them I would of been disappointed, but for a £1 you cannot really argue. It does the job, it keeps lips from drying out and the scent is a soft non in your face fruit. I do however now crave some Jolly Rauchers.

What's your flavour?

Thursday, 4 September 2014

When Viruses Attack

The past few days have been long, full of tests and worrying. My poor baby has been sick with a severe infection and at one point I thought i'd lost them. We are now up to the point where it is on the final test to make sure everything is all clear.

My computer is pulling through.

The other night I decided to float around the interner and download a few things for the blog,I went to a few different websites and downloaded a few templates to add to my site. I did try them but didn't like them and have gone back to the previous ones, logged off for the night and all was fine.

Next afternoon I had a list of jobs to do online, got Bethany amused in front of me and settled down with a cuppa. Opened my browser and I know my google homepage was different, no problem ran an antivirus and it found nothing, but still it remains. Anti installed the browsers (because I tried more than one and they were all the same) and texted Hubby to ask for his assistance. He asked for £80, I told him if he ever wants dinner/clean shirts/me to be at home when he got home to stop being cheeky. This at the time was me thinking, a few hours and it'll be dealt with.

3 days later, 7 virus/spywear 4/5 hour scans and 1 google account lock out later we are looking like we are back up and running. I never realised how much of my life rolves around my black box, I had a panic attack the first night when my google account was locked and was in tears, not only is that my blog lost but also all my photos of Bethany, thankfully I had activiated all the security so was able to retrieve everything back.

This is a few morals to this tale:
  1. Back up everything regually
  2. Activiate all the security features
  3. Don't download random things off of sites from Twitter. And 
  4. If you unziip a file rescan it as the virus is hiding in it.

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Streamcream Face Challange (Freebie Alert)

I am a huge fan of Steamcream, you can read my cheerleading blog entry here . I love the simple but effective use of simple ingrediants that are designed for as many skin types as possible. I also like the collectability of the tins as they all limied editions and beautifully designed.

My Current tin as seen in my review
Steamcream want to give an opportunity to 100 poeple to get a free 7 day sample mini tin to ecperiance it for themselves. You will need to register your interest on here and if successful you skin will thank you. Not successful? I heard a little rumour that there will be a discount code just for you guys so you will get an opportunity.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hello Aniexty, my old friend


You will have to bear with me on this post, it's the one I've been putting off for a while but until I started the journey I didn't feel right enough to talk about it.

Last week I had it confirmed that my anxiety was official back with low moods thrown in for good measure. Since, Beth has been born my moods have not been consistent and I put this down to after birth hormones, then going back on to the pill. My life has also not be consistent: with a new baby, Hubby getting/losing/getting work, money not being consistent, my aunt that I was close to passing away and feeling claustrophobic in our flat because I spend a lot of time in it.

This all came to a head about two weeks back the Thursday before my BIL' s wedding, I was washing baby bottles and suddenly felt I was drowning and the walls were caving in. I couldn't breathe and I just thinking that everything was too much, I knew full well I well I was in the midst of a panic attack, my first in several years. Looking back, I had been out of sorts for nearly a week, very spaced out, not able to concentrate and just having no motivation to do more than the bare minimum to ensure that Beth is looked after.

After the wonderful weekend, I decided that I am not as happy or as myself as I am and thought I do a self referral back to where I did my previous treatment. If they think I'm fine then at least I've got myself 'checked' and that is that. The form wants to know my previous mental health history (Briefly - Depression 2005 treated with face-to-face sessions, Depression/Anxiety 2011 treated with computer training), how I am feeling now and what situations am I struggling with. This is then sent off to my referral people (I'm part of Bucks NHS which run Healthy Minds as their mental health treatment system), and a few days later got a phone call from them to speak through the form and see how they can help. They also gave me my results of the tests on the forms.

They concluded that my anxiety was very high and that my moods were low producing a circle that I was finding it hard to get out of. They offered telephone counselling so I did not have to worry about finding someone to babysit Beth and feel comfortable in my own home. They also asked my HV to give me a visit as part of my worrying is how I am looking after Beth as her weight was still an issue which causes me panic of am I feeding her enough? I had this visit on the Monday, she was happy with Beth's development even though her weight has dipped. The Thursday following was my first session with my counsellor.

We did the tests again (they use these to measure progress so I will have these every time), and went over what she is there for as well as my history and just letting me talk on why I asked for help. At the time Beth was in her high chair next to me, gurgling away after lunch, I know without having her then I will be in bed feeling sorry for myself. This, of course, this upset me, not only am I doing this for me but for Beth so her Mummy can be there for her. At the moment I have a scheduled appointment with her once a week as well working through workbooks during the week.

I did see my doctor, through Healthy Minds they got me an appointment the same day and discussed treatment going forward. I have turned down medication, I am very mixed on using medication after having some migraine beta blockers that were also anti-anxiety pills. I took these for two months and I woke up screaming in sweats, thinking that Bethany was not breathing. I know that they are there if I need them, I also have a note on my file to say that if I request an appointment to have one as soon as possible (which is my doctors is a blessing!).

The moment I emailed the referral over I felt a weight has lifted, I'm saying that things are back to normal, we have a long way before I can say that, but they starting to feel on the right path.