Thursday, 9 July 2015

Calendula Nappy Change Cream Review

Another product that is 30 years young, it seems to be the case as I get a little older that I seem to back to products that have been on the market for a long time. I am big supprter of Weleda and have used their products on myself and on Beth. I was sent this as part of their 30 year celebrations and the timing was perfect.

Nappy rash affects us at some point during our childs lifetime, midwife and baby skincare expert Sharon Trotter says, "Nappy rash is quite common in babies, but it's usually mild and clears up without prescription creams. When the skin in the nappy area comes into contact with poo and wee it can become inflamed, and that's when babies may develop nappy rash."

Nappy appears as  sensitive red patches of skin on bottom, gentials and inner theighs. It can also have spots and shiney, raised red areas. Treatment is keeping the area clean (regular nappy chagning as well as using clean hands to stop bateria transfer), dry (patting dry skin after cleaning as well as some nappy free time), and of course using the right protective barrier on the skin.

We have been using this on Beth since the arrival (as her White Mallow version has finsihed), and I prefer it to the senstive skin version. This has the calendula and camomile extracts that help with healing while having a pleasent, delicate scent. The healing time was within a day for any rashes and I still use it on her ezcema skin as a protective barrier between using antibiotic cream (poor things been poorly with skin infections including her bum), with no effects.

You can purchase this from Boots etc Currently through the Weleda website it has £2 off at £4.95

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bethany Update - Months 16/17

I have been paranoid the past few months about Beth's walking, talking, well development generally. It feels like we take one step forward and a few steps back. She started getting more confident in walking and then for about two weeks she refused to do it (even for chocolate!). Today as I write this we went to my friend's Christening and she wanted to walk the whole day amongst the trees and grass, to then go on to walked the length of our flat back and forth for nearly an hour.

I do wonder that the walking hiatus is because she wanted to concentrate on her talking, her know words are much more clearer like Mama, Dada, Nana and No. She has also been trying newer words but they are not quite developed yet. I can see her frustration at me not understanding her and this can be upsetting for us, this can cause times where I cannot cope with her.

Another milestone was reached as I finally got her haircut for the first time so she could see through her fringe. She was the perfect little girl, didn't even flinch, a very proud Mummy.

It has not helped that we both been ill again, Hubby and I contracted norovirus the beginning of June and I have been suffering another cold (I think we are up to number 4?) after Beth had it for a week. If it's going round, at least one of use while come down with it.

We did have a rest bite from illness and went to Weymouth for her first walk on the sand thanks to my parents. Weymouth was where I used to go for my seaside holiday every year with my parents and they wanted to carry it on with Beth. I think she had a good time, played in the sand (without eating it), as well as wanting to walk round Monkey World. It was a welcome break to see my old haunts.


So what's your excuse this time?

Yes I know another hiatus from the blogging world, not planned but it has gone that way. Time has just ran away from me, I've even taken a step back from social media for a while too. Sometimes you need to take a step back and sort your life out so you can be happy in your own space. Then decided that the space we live in we are no longer happy with.
For those who are new to my blog, I currently live with my in-laws after selling our house to keep afloat after knee injury and then getting pregnant with Bethany. We live in an annex attached to the main house with one bedroom, we are now quickly out growing this now Bethany is an inquistive toddler. However after reviewing where we live we cannot afford to stay where we are, I was deeply upset as this meant moving away from both our families who Beth sees on a weekly basis.
We picked an area that our family knew and went to look and do some research. The past few weekends have spent driving up 4 hours to Manchester/Leeds area to look around. We found that not only could we afford to live there, but with the kind of property we wanted. I am very mixed about it all at the moment, on one side it will be sad to leave my hometown but we would be in a house and start to settle into a family home rather than living from boxes.
My life currently consistent of sleep, look after Beth, and researching areas and houses. Tonight, with Hubby away looking at houses while I stayed for a friends Christening, is the first time I can sit down get time to blog away.
What does this mean? Changes again to my family and I need to clean out a flat of all the stuff I've been too idle to clean out! It also gives me something more to write about rather than, "I sat around in my PJ's and watched NowTV".

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Shortlisted for NCT Stars Award

I have been volunteering for NCT for over a year now, and am about to be voted in for another year. It's been an interesting year, I started just for something to do to stop myself being brain washed by CBeebies and use the skills I already had in customer service. The branch was needing new blood and new thinking, I was shocked to find that in this day of age, social media wasn't being ultilised to communicate not only with their members and the community.

A few months after my introduction I took over their social media pages and am very proud of the growth they've experianced over the past year. I still get chills when I read the stats, all those, "Are you on our Facebook?" questions has been worth it. I haven't done it alone, the team have stepped up and chipped in their ideas and posts when I haven't been able to and they've done a better job than me in some circumstances.

Beth this week has had another bad cold, keeping me up until silly times in the morning. Friday was no exception, I crawled into bed at 8am and woke at 11am to find an email in my inbox annouching the short list for NCT Star Awards for the South region. The awards are acknowledgment to the volunteers and am nominated by your colleages and parents who we help. As a district we had 5 nominations, the highest other than one other district nationally, some amazing hard working people in there.

Imagine my surprise to see my name appear towards the bottom.

I have never, ever been shortlisted for any award ever, and it's even better it's for something that I really love doing and feel like I am giving support to people who felt just as lost as I do/did as a parent. The results are on 12th July at the end of a training day, with the winners going to the national awards. I am also shortlisted with another blogger who works for the Aylesbury district, Cassanda from Mummy on a Budget so if I don't win, then it would be nice to see her win it.

I do want to thank people for my nominations, it really does mean a huge amount, a lot of people forget that we volunteer our free time to make sure that their playgroups and Nearly New Sales happen. The amount of work that goes on behind that scenes is significant but we do have a huge laugh doing it and the team we have is just amazing.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mental Health Awareness Week; Mindfulness

This year's theme is Mindfulness, which is perfect timing as I have just started exploring this after reading Ruby Wax's book on the subject called Sane New World. Mindfulness just you to focus on the here and now using breathing techniques and meditation. Stop pulling that face, it's not a "new age" thing.

Mindfulness is not about clearing the mind, it helps people observe the way they think and feel about their experiences, whether good or bad. This can really change the way you manage and react to stressful situations, giving you a valuable tool to stay mentally healthy, and an ever-expanding body of evidence shows that it really works.

For me who suffers with anxiety and worry, it makes me acknowledge that I can experience these things and its normal for me. Once I labelled the emotion and the physical attributes it made it feel smaller.There are different versions, but the most common and most useful I've found is RAIN:

Recognize what is going on;
Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;
Investigate with kindness;
Natural awareness, which comes from not identifying
with the experience.

Mental Health Foundation is promoting a four week course with Be Mindful and most importantly it's free.They want to be able to introduce this as part of the range of therapies offered currently as it has been proved to be successful and will hopefully help people awaiting treatment.

For me, it has already helped more than CBT as I'm not going over past events which can make me feel more anxious. I find it's more soothing and I come out of it refreshed. I do as little or as much as I want, I also use Buddify app from Google Play (£1.99) which provides guided medications for different situations. It has been a revelation to my mental health.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Bethany Update - Month 15

 We have had our first, unsteady little steps on our 15 month birthday. She stepped away from Hubby and did a few steps towards me, we made a huge fuss and chocolate buttons were rewarded. For the next half an hour all she wanted to do was take a few steps between us, getting to the point she was turning herself around to go again. Beth slept very well that night.

 Before this we conquered the stairs that lead to our flat, we decided one night just to see if she could as she doesn't often encounter stairs. A few steady steps later and it was like she has been doing them for months. 

 To me, it seems that this month she's grown into her toddler self and lost the last of her "baby" features. She's also got taller, where she couldn't reach the second shelf of our unit last month, this month she can clear the shelf of DVD's. Beth is still a petite little girl, only just finally fitting into her 9-12 month trousers and tops. I did get her measured for some shoes but she's so petite that she just sneaks into infant shoes and has been recommended to wait a bit longer (Note: How expensive are children's shoes?! My mum said they only last a few months too!). 

We still go to our playgroups, NCT on Monday which I help run and two during the week. Her independence is starting to come through she is happy to go and play with other children, we have had a few bullying problems but working with the Mum's we are working it out and harmony is starting to happen. Her favourite play things at the moment is pretend toys like tea set, an old mobile phone, and a teething necklace. I have an kitchen set hidden away that I cannot wait to get out for her as I think she'll love it.

Her talking is coming on, the babbling is turning more in words, granted I don't know what most of them mean, but you can tell that she wanting to talk more. She loves sitting in her buggy, waving and chatting away to everyone. She'll give toys, books or food to people after passing her initial shyness, she's warm, joyful and I really don't want her to lose that.

Apologies for the lateness of this post, please refer to Colds, Conjunctivitis and Ear Infections

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Colds, Conjunctivitis and Ear Infections

This time last month, I had a tickle throat, thought nothing of it as it was hay fever season for me. It's part of the allergy for me, so I carried on. The next day it's developed into a cold, no problem I feel a bit rough for a few days and battle through. I really wish I knew what I knew now.

Hubby fell ill within 12 hours of my symptoms starting, we were fighting over the tissues as well as the cold. A few days came and went, we both still sniffling and getting worse. I waited to let it ride it's course until I woke up one morning with a crusted up eye and ear ache, got an emergency doctors appointment which then they took one look and said that conjunctivitis and ear infection. I was given eye drops and an ear spray to use for a week.

A week I did, the eye was better within days, but the ear got worse. As I now battling an infection, the cold hanged around so I was still blowing my nose still. One night my ear went pop, which is not unusual with a ear infection. A few days later I woke deaf on my left side with a swollen face and still not feeling any better. 

Back to the doctors to be told that I had burst my ear drum and the medication I had been given had spread the infection around my head. A course of antibiotics for a week cleared the infection but my hearing took weeks to return, the final part of the ringing finally went over a week ago.

During this time we had Easter, our wedding anniversary, my birthday and my husband's birthday which was quiet affairs as we both very ill (my husband was later diagnosed with a chest infection and has just finished his course of antibiotics). We took it in turns to rest and look after Bethany, we were constantly drained for our infections and medication. Bethany had sniffles for a few days and was fine the rest of the time, none of this touched her as bad as both of us (thankfully).

It wasn't all doom and gloom, we tried to make the most of the times we felt better and enjoy the sun and celebrations.

Feeding the ducks for Daddy's birthday